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Signs of a Scam

Timeshare: Recognizing the Signs of a Scam

In order to help our readers recognize the tell-tale signs that you might be walking into a timeshare scam, we have invited guest blogger Anna Cooper, from the Timeshareadvisor Blog to share some top tips about recognizing the signs of a scam. Avoid the stress and frustration of a timeshare scam and follow this advice.

Timeshare: Recognizing the Signs of a Scam

“Forewarned is forearmed!”. This old saying is still true especially when you are considering to buy a timeshare. This article aims at forewarning you so that you are more able to distinguish a genuine timeshare offer from a scam.

The following warnings should help you identify when you are heading towards a timeshare scam. Considering these key signs of a scam can help you prevent being a timeshare scam victim.


They say “follow your instinct” when determining if a timeshare is real or not. Not everyone’s intuition might be correct, but if you get a hunch about your timeshare transaction, that could be the first sign. Then look for the rest of the signs mentioned below.

Honesty in words and actions

Rate the timeshare company’s dealings with you in terms of its honesty. Has there been instances when you have been told one thing and the reality is another? Simple actions like a promise of breakfast which turns out to be juice and coffee or spending much longer than promised at the timeshare presentation are signs that not everything is what it seems. Also, you might be promised to receive a discount, gift, or incentive but nothing was delivered or you had to pay for it. However, the most clear danger sign is if you are taken to a different resort than the one you expected to visit. This can happen when a rogue taxi driver takes you to the competition’s resort or when the agent working on the street is a fraud pretending to represent a genuine company.


Check for the timeshare company’s internet reputation. Even if you find complaints, this information is vital. If there is no trace or any information related to the company, this is a red flag telling you about a timeshare scam you are heading into. Prefer timeshare companies whose reputation is positive and those with 10 years or more in the business. Even finding a complaint is more promising than finding nothing about the company.

Licenses and permissions

Timeshare scammers will not be able to provide you with the correct licenses. Obviously, it can be hard to tell if the license is a forgery, especially when dealing with timeshares in foreign countries. The trick is to only trust agents that greet you in airports, major shopping malls and highly touristic areas as these agents will have to have certain permits to operate in those areas.


A genuine timeshare company will usually be recognized by one of the major international exchange networks, such as RCI or Interval International. These networks and business
partnerships work only with legal and well-known vacation clubs and timeshare companies. A phoney timeshare will have no connections with these networks. If in doubt, check with the exchange company.

First-hand experiences

Not visiting the resort where you are supposedly purchasing a timeshare is another red flag of a scam. Many timeshare buyers base their decisions on the photographs, models, or architectural presentations given to them. These are fine when dealing with a reputable chain or you are located in a sister resort of the same resort chain. However, be very wary of buying a timeshare on a whim from photos.

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Timeshare Presentation Scams in Puerto Vallarta

Timeshare Presentation Scams in Puerto Vallarta

Are Timeshare Presentations in Puerto Vallarta Scams?

The basic answer to this question is ‘NO.’ There are no notable timeshare presentation scams in Puerto Vallarta, unless you are very unlucky to meet with an opportunist. You’re not going to encounter the oh-so infamous and feared “here today, gone tomorrow” scamsters that will rip you off and flee with your hard earned cash.

With that said, however, Timeshare purchases and sales are like everything else in life; there are those who will try to skew things in their own favour, and those who will try to take advantage of you. The key thing is to remember that these people do not represent the majority of the industry, and to keep in mind that there are things you can do to avoid being caught out by such people.

A history of timeshare presentation scams in Puerto Vallarta

Mexico has, over the years, had a lot of bad press, but the truth is that Mexico, and Puerto Vallarta in particular, is as safe a place as any when it comes to buying timeshares as there are a huge number of well-known, reputable companies. So long as you check out the reputation of a provider before you buy you’ll be fine.

Mexico is actually one of the safer places when it comes to timeshare investment because promoters require explicit permission to approach people on the street and in public places. This means they need a permit, and they need to either work for an established, legitimate, company or be a legitimate provider themselves. All genuine timeshare reps will have official ID issued by the local authorities so, if you’re in doubt, you can ask to see it.

How timeshare is a benefit to Puerto Vallarta

Timeshare companies can be a real boon to travellers, too, because they will generally offer incentives if you agree to seeing a presentation. This means for an hour or so of your time you could get discounts on tours, activities, restaurants or even a free day pass to the resort. Of course common sense must rule; if you’re offered a gift that seems too good to be true you should be on guard and ask for ID.

Timeshare Gifts at Presentations


We just can’t help ourselves at the mention of getting a free gift or bargain, there is something in human psychology that draws us like bees to honey. And that’s the way that timeshare gifts work, it is a way of attracting those who may otherwise never consider the benefits of time share to take a tour or attend a presentation. The presentation gifts at reputable timeshare companies come with no strings attracted, just a thank you for taking the time out of your vacation.

What’s the Scam?

When you attend a presentation with an established timeshare company there should be no scam or catch. Good timeshare properties sell on their own merits, the gift is to get you to see the resort, which the sellers are confident that you are going to love. You are under no obligation to buy a timeshare or anything else to receive your free gift, although you must stay for the entire tour.

Timeshare gift scams tend to occur when offered money or an over-the-top gift from new or emerging companies. If your gift appears just too good to be true, beware! There have been cases where prospective buyers turn up to a timeshare presentation on the premise they will receive a motorbike or car, only to find they have to pay money in order to enter a draw for the car, or that you have to pay a high postage for something that will only cost a few dollars to send. There was a renowned case where clients were promised a yacht for which they paid the what they thought were the “taxes”, only to receive a toy boat in the post.

Gifts you can Believe

The way to avoid a timeshare gift scam is to consider the legitimacy of the prize you will receive. If you think it is greatly disproportionate to the potential earnings they may make on a sale, beware. Good timeshare company tend to offer discounts or day passes, things that won’t cost them a great deal of money but will make you great savings. In some cases, there are companies that offer incredible discounts for your vacation accommodation in the timeshare resort on the condition that you attend a presentation.

 The best advice is to use your common sense, check the internet for reviews and be sure how much money you can afford to spend if you get carried away and decide to buy!