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Direct Flight to Puerto Vallarta

Find a Direct Flight to Puerto Vallarta

Because of the increased demand for travel to Mexico’s hot tourist attraction, Puerto Vallarta, many airline companies are now offering specific routes to accommodate those desiring to vacation here. So now, tourists from either the United States or Canada can enjoy nonstop flight services to Puerto Vallarta. Here’s all you need to know about how to find a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta.

Find a Direct Flight to Puerto Vallarta

It doesn’t matter if you live on the west coast in cities like Vancouver or LA or if you live on the east coast in cities like New York or Toronto. You are bound to find a scheduled flight to Puerto Vallarta because many airlines have joined the club when it comes to offering travel packages to Puerto Vallarta at reasonable rates.

Having the availability of a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta is probably one of the best advantages you can experience when you decide to vacation in Puerto Vallarta. Being able to schedule a direct flight keeps you from having to waste time making pre-travel arrangements just to find an airline that will fly to Puerto Vallarta. So the days of having to waste time when traveling to Puerto Vallarta or other hotspots near Puerto Vallarta like Sayulita, Riviera Nayarit, Punta Mita and Bucerias have been eliminated thanks to the many available direct flight options near you.

Avoid stopovers with a direct flight to Puerto Vallarta

Don’t let your sightseeing be cut short by having to do unnecessary traveling and stopovers just to get to Puerto Vallarta. Book your direct flight today using one of the following destination spots to make sure you have a vacation to remember. Look out for your hometown in the list below of direct flights to Puerto Vallarta.

  • Abbotsford (Canada): WestJet Airlines
  • Atlanta(U.S.A.): Delta
  • Calgary (Canada): Air Canada, Air Transat, WestJet Airlines
  • Chicago (U.S.A.): Aeromexico, American Airlines, United, US Airways
  • Comox (Canada): WestJet Airlines
  • Dallas-Fort Worth (U.S.A.): American Airlines, Sun Country Airlines, US Airways
  • Denver (U.S.A.): Frontier Airlines, Southwest, United Denver
  • Detroit (U.S.A.): Delta
  • Edmonton (Canada): Air Transat, WestJet Airlines
  • Houston (U.S.A.): Aeromexico, Southwest, United
  • Kelowna (Canada): Air Transat, WestJet Airlines
  • Los Angeles (U.S.A.) Alaska Airlines, Delta, United
  • Minneapolis/St. Paul (U.S.A.): Delta, Sun Country Airlines
  • Montreal (Canada): Air Transat
  • New York (U.S.A.): Aeromexico,Delta, United
  • Orange County (U.S.A.): Alaska Airlines, Southwest
  • Phoenix (U.S.A.): American Airlines, US Airways
  • Portland (U.S.A.): Alaska Airlines
  • Prince George (Canada): WestJet Airlines
  • Quebec (Canada): Air Transat
  • Regina (Canada): Air Transat, WestJet Airlines
  • Saint Louis, MO (U.S.A.): Frontier Airlines
  • Salt Lake City (U.S.A.): Delta
  • San Diego (U.S.A.): Alaska Airlines
  • San Francisco (U.S.A.): Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, United, Virgin America
  • Saskatoon (Canada): Air Transat, WestJet Airlines
  • Seattle/Tacoma (U.S.A.): Alaska Airlines, Delta
  • Toronto (Canada): Air Canada, Air Transat, WestJet Airlines
  • Vancouver (Canada): Air Canada, Air Transat, WestJet Airlines
  • Victoria (Canada): Air Transat, WestJet Airlines
  • Winnipeg (Canada): Air Transat, WestJet Airlines
Happy Beach Rentals in Mexico

Happy Beach Rentals in Mexico

Beach rentals in Mexico are becoming popular in top tourist destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Riviera Maya, Cancun, Los Cabos and Loreto. Beach rentals in Mexico give a unique kind of experience, different from the usual hotel accommodation. There are lots of advantages, perks and benefits; foremost perhaps is the opportunity of being close to one of nature’s astounding beauty: the sea. Being a first timer with beach rentals in Mexico, there are things you should keep in mind to make it a happy and fulfilling experience.

Beach Rentals in Mexico – Size

Firstly, to find the perfect beach home for you, you need to consider your specific requirements. Finding the best beach rental has got to do with the size of the unit. Make sure it’s right for the number of people you are traveling with. Beach rentals in Mexico are not just for large groups of people; in fact, there are smaller units for single travelers or couples too.

Check out the reviews of Beach rentals in Mexico

Start by asking those people who have been to the place where you’re planning to head to. Ask them for ideas about the best places to stay or read the reviews found about the properties you are thinking of renting. Through this valuable information, you can narrow down your search and learn important points on what to expect about a certain rental you might be eyeing up.

Here some Mexico Beach Rental Tips


Nowadays, the easiest way to find beach rentals in Mexico is by doing your search through the internet. Online agencies can become a great source of information that might interest you when choosing beach rentals in Mexico. If you don’t have the time to search on your own, go to a reputable agency to help you find the right place for your needs.

Rental agreements

When you decide on your beach rental, study the rental agreement that goes with it carefully. Analyse all the terms first before booking and letting go of your hard earned money. Make sure you understand everything in the contract, and are aware of all the dos and don’ts.

Check what’s provided

Make sure you know what amenities are offered and the different facilities that the beach rental is advertising, and check that these are listed in your contract. Be prepared with the things you need and don’t assume that your rented vacation home has everything. Always double check.

Take care of your beach rentals in Mexico

Do treat with kindness and care all the home-wares and amenities that you’ll find in your beach rentals. Remember these things are not yours and other people will still need to use them when you have left. Damages caused by carelessness can mean charges against you and surely you don’t want to pay for accidental breakages.

Share your experiences

When the time comes and your rental agreement has ended, leave feedback about your experiences. If the vacation home gave you long lasting memories worth keeping, then thank the owners for the wonderful accommodation. If there are less desirable things, inform them as well so they can make necessary repairs and adjustments.

If you have any more tips about how to make your experience of beach rentals in Mexico a happy and fulfilling one, leave us a comment.

San Sebastian del Oeste Near PV

Experience Mexico’s Magic in San Sebastian near PV

There is a simply majestic feeling that covers the countryside of Mexico. Many visitors are enamored with what they find here, and it has won over numerous hearts to the beauty that exudes from it. Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun are some of the more famous tourist locations that bring in a great deal of the international tourism, due to their amazing entertainment and beachfront amusements. Besides these three, some other truly magical towns exist in the country. They hold a rich and varied culture and history. The Mexican Secretary of Tourism has named a program “Pueblos Magicos”, for how visitors are provided with the ability to learn all about how Mexico and its people are in reality.

Pueblos Magicos – Mexico’s Magic

This program began in 2001, and it helped to recognize and promote some villages of Mexico that are particularly attractive to tourists, with their natural beauty, history attached to them and cultural splendor. San Sebastián del Oeste near PV (Puerto Vallarta) is one place that is recognized through this program. It is located an hour and a half away from Puerto Vallarta, and it is a historical mining town. It accentuates all that is alluring about the area. While there, you will receive a unique experience that should make you fall for its simplicity and charm.

Things to do in San Sebastian near PV

You can do plenty of things in San Sebastian del Oeste, regardless of how long you plan to stay – a day trip from PV or longer. There are the gorgeous Sierra de la Madre Mountains that offer you an escape from Puerto Vallarta’s heat. You can roam for several hours, enjoying the architecture such as the moss covered buildings. The plaza which sits in the center of the town features a stream and many fragrant trees. Cerro de la Bufa allows you to ascend to heights from which you can view a beautiful sunset and enjoy a sort of mystical experience. Quinta Mary has delicious coffee, which comes with the opportunity to view the 100% organic production process. No matter what you do with your days there, one thing is for certain – you will get to experience a peaceful, natural lifestyle for your time at San Sebastian.

All of the town includes glory of the past. Once upon a time, there were 20,000 individuals who lived in the mining town, but now only 600 live there. Fall back in time to when things were more simple and nature offered all that you could possibly want.

Book a tour from PV to spend time in this amazing Pueblo Magico when you visit Puerto Vallarta.