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Best Timeshare Solutions for You

Best Timeshare Solutions for You

Are you fond of traveling and spending quality vacation times with your families or your spouse? Now you can enjoy the best vacations in resorts in some of the best places around the world at low prices. Check the following great value timeshare solutions available for you and for the other millions of people around the world.

Enjoy the most flexible vacations using your timeshare points.

These days, points-based vacation clubs are the best timeshare solutions you can avail. As timeshare began its venture, fixed weeks were offered and then later transitioned into floating weeks for particular seasons. Nowadays, the best timeshare solutions available to timeshare members are vacation clubs and timeshare memberships which allow you to gain points. These points can be used to spend weekly intervals of quality vacations. You can even shorten or lengthen your stay without having to book within the 7-night blocks.

Another advantage of the points-based membership is having the chance to take more than one vacation each year in two or more separate destinations. When you have gained enough points for your reservation, you can even have as many vacations as you like within a year. There are even vacation clubs that will allow you to pay for all-inclusive meal plans and other great services, too.

Experience regular vacation times through fixed weeks

The fixed weeks were the initial asset offering provided by timeshare to its members. There were weekly divisions and members would buy a number of weeks in a specific type of unit in a resort or condo. This timeshare solution is ideal if your vacation is scheduled on the same time each year. Although this model was the best solution 30 or 40 years ago, you can still avail of this vacation format. As times changed, most members have adopted a more flexible vacation term and only fewer members use the fixed weeks.

Enhance vacation flexibility through floating weeks

From fixed week timeshares, floating weeks become a natural progression for members to avail. Through this set up, members can purchase a week within a particular season block (summer, winter, or shoulder seasons). Upon purchase, they can reserve their vacations during the specified time, thus giving more flexibility.

Exchange companies to reach other destinations

As more and more people avail of timeshare opportunities, more members also wanted to exchange their properties for other destinations and resorts around the world. These international exchange companies like the RCI, the Registry Collection, and Interval International provide timeshare solutions allowing you to visit other countries. By availing this offer, you can make the best use of your timeshare investment.

Emerging fraudulent cancellation solutions

As timeshare began its industry years back, these fraudulent companies also started to make illegitimate claims regarding the cancellation of timeshare contracts. These companies pretend to offer advice and services but the real motive is to charge you with high fees but no real action happens. Unless you are within the rescission period, no amount of money that you pay to a cancellation company will be able to cancel your timeshare membership with a legitimate timeshare company.

Villa Group Class Action Scams

Beware Villa Group Class Action Scams

In present-day society, many people are jumping on the legal bandwagon and are willing to sue just about everyone: people, companies, and even governments. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that there is an increase in the companies offering to represent clients in suits against timeshare organizations like Disney and the Villa Group Timeshare. However, what they fail to let us know is that the only one who mostly benefits from this arrangement is the legal team and not us.

When a group of people get together to sue a person or a company at the same time, that legal action is called a class action suit (or representative action). Class action suits are perfect for situations in which many people share the same solid case against another person or company—as is in the case of most medical and fraud suits. As long as there is the probability of a failure to uphold an agreement (or contract), then a class action suit will prove to be beneficial to those involved.

If you are planning on filing a class action suit against a timeshare company, your first priority is to make sure you have a potential case and make sure the legal company you use is a legitimate company. Most of the class action suits filed against the Villa Group have been unsuccessful because fraudulent legal agencies are conning innocent clients into believing their legal services will help them win the case. Instead of trying to resolve the issue with the timeshare company, many people mistakenly are encouraged to participate in a class action suit.

There are some disadvantages to trying to file a class action suite against timeshare companies. For example, let’s say your case against the company is strong, but most of the other people in the group have a weak case. If this is the case, then you will lose the class action suit because your case is only as strong as your weakest claim. Another thing to remember is once you lose in a class action suit, you can not go back and file an individual suit. So consider the cost when it comes to taking on a class action suit.

One thing to keep in mind is that most failed class action suits originate from fraudulent legal representation. These companies know they will get paid even if you lose your suit. Also, be suspicious of any company trying to offer non-cash awards like coupons to exchange for other products.

It is highly recommended you get in touch with an upper level administrator if you ever have any problems with the Villa Group Timeshare. That way, you give them a chance to live up to their promise to provide high quality service—a trait they have been known for doing (which is why there are not many cases won against them in that area). So just spare yourself the headache of potentially being scammed by dealing with the Villa Group directly.