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Here’s Why you Should Honeymoon in Cancun

Here’s Why you Should Honeymoon in Cancun

One of the top decisions you have to make about your wedding is how to go about your honeymoon. Once you no longer have to worry about all of the tiny details like choosing which favors to give out and seating arrangements, you can focus on the best part – your honeymoon. It is so enjoyable to plan out a honeymoon. You have a great number of options from which you can choose, including the Riviera Maya and Cancun. Here are five reasons for you to take a trip to Cancun for your honeymoon. A honeymoon in Cancun means that you will have a great wedding and an epic honeymoon!

  • Honeymoon in Cancun = Stunning Beaches

It is well known around the world that the Caribbean coast of Mexico has some breathtaking beaches – in fact, they are among the most beautiful. You can see and swim in a wide stretch of clear blue water, as well as rest and walk along the soft white sand. The palm trees sway in the breeze, adding the perfect touch to this land of natural wonders. Enjoy a few hours snorkeling and exploring in the ocean, as well as relaxing on the beach or in a hammock with your loved one. A honeymoon in Cancun will be an idyllic experience.

  • Honeymoon in Cancun = Romance In the Air

It is great to spend time with your loved one when in such a magical place as Cancun. There is surely an air of romance about this locale. It is an ideal destination to start off your married life. The sunrises are beautiful, and you can find out more about the wondrous mysticism of the ancient Mayan traditions. It also is full of great things that stir the senses. Honeymoon in Cancun and you will not be disappointed.

  • Honeymoon in Cancun = Amazing Excursions

There are many great attractions that you will love to embark on with your new spouse. It is so important to experience new things with one another. You will have every chance to do just that in Cancun. Some examples include visiting the ruins of the ancient Mayan civilization, going on an adventure in the ocean, and finding gorgeous cenotes.

  • Honeymoon in Cancun = A Less Expensive Getaway

It is really quite affordable to take a vacation in Cancun. The dollars to pesos conversion rate is ideal, and the airfare is less expensive than to go to many other places in the world. The price has been made more reasonable because of it being such a popular destination. Saving money in this way allows you to spend it on what you want when you are in Cancun.

  • Honeymoon in Cancun = Lasting Impressions

Many aspects of this locale is geared towards the wonder of the natural world. Not only is Cancun the perfect place for natural beauty, there are numerous extras to enjoy. You are sure to take part in things that you won’t get to anywhere else, and see amazing sights. Request an ancient Mayan oracle reading, search for buried treasure underneath the ocean, have a swim with some whale sharks right in their natural habitat, or check out the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, among many other things.

A honeymoon in Cancun should be your first choice!

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Eiffel Tower at Paris

The World’s Most Romantic Destinations

If you are planning for a honeymoon trip or a romantic escape with your lover, you will sure like to be in a place where romance fills the air. There are many countries around the world that can be contenders for your romantic selection. Each has its unique way of showing you the art of loving. Your idea of romance might be a quiet evening on a calm palm tree beach, camping by the fire in the middle of a lowly forest or simply sweet talking under the full moon The choice is yours and we’re going to name some of these most romantic destinations.


The Tower Of Pisa, Italy.

If you like a place that literally emits so much passion and sweetness you are in danger of a romance overload, then Italy should be your preferred country for a romantic destination.

Rome was once the home of the gods, but today it can serve as a great vacation destination for two people deeply in love. Venice, with its unusual network of feasible canals will take you to romantic bliss with boat people singing love songs for you. Tuscany is where natural beauty comes to life. A little sip of its native wine can set one lustful night.

Florence and Pisa attract art lovers with an amazing display of ancient artistry. You can also go to Verona where your love story can go in search of Romeo and Juliet. Have the joy of watching stage play dramas and high octave operas.

And don’t forget to have some soft Italian ice cream while travelling around Italy. It will be a relief to the burning hot romanticism that this terrific place brings.


Eiffel Tower at Paris

France takes the word romantic to a different dimension. French are natural born lovers and the charm of the country attests to this.

Paris walkways are always filled with excited lovebirds. They crowd restaurants and bars to for some sweet bonding. The River Seine provides a wondrous panoramic backdrop to have that leisurely walk while the Eiffel Tower epitomizes France’s towering presence in the romance arena.

Try staying in some rented mansion in the Loire Valley and be amazed by its spectacular surroundings. Well-cared for vineyards, cherry plantations and vast fields are a feast for the eyes and loving souls as well.

Saint Tropez in the French Riviera offers plush restaurants with gourmet dishes. It’s the choice for those seeking the ultimate in chic romance as designer shops, modern cafes and luxury stores flourish in the area.

France never fails to impress. Enjoy a glass of red wine for a toast to its enchanting beauty.


Puerto Vallarta - sculpture

A tropical vacation under the life-giving sun is Mexico’s interpretation of a romantic vacation. While Acapulco once teemed with loving couples, the best romantic spots in Mexico are Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and the Islands of Loreto.

Cancun, with its breathtaking Caribbean scenery and white sand beaches, is an idyllic part of Mexico for lovers looking for sunny playtime. Rich in ancient history, the Mayan ruins also make for a totally romantic daytrip.

For some jet setting action, don’t forget to visit Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast. You can find some Hollywood celebrities here and rub elbows with them. Famous people like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton once lived here. Its great architectural design of cobblestones and stunning facades catch the attention of the pleasure seekers looking to the best. Its sandy beaches with the presence of the golden sun continue to charm honeymooners and romantics from around the world.

Cabo San Lucas is another hot and sought after place. Its long, wide beaches and king like accommodations are hard to resist. One can find the best facilities here with five star resorts and hotels ready to serve you courteously.


kisimamy bay madagascar

The most breathtaking paradise islands are can be found in the Indian Ocean. Three famous places are the Seychelles Archipelago, Mauritius and Madagascar. Lovers and honeymooners will find themselves in a trance-like magic from the moment they get off the plane.

Rich forested areas make up the Seychelles Archipelago. Stunning vistas and picturesque islands are the highlights. Stone rock formations add spice to the countless photos you are sure to take here if you arrive on vacation.

Madagascar, the world’s fourth biggest island, is a home to some peculiar looking animals. This wild island is gifted with a variety of landscape. From rain forests, valleys to grasslands and hilly grounds.

Mauritius’s body of waters charms its visiting lovers. Its warm temperature and calm waters are ideal for amazing diving and snorkeling adventures. Put on that gear and get ready to dive, you’re going to explore the ocean with your loving dear.