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Timeshare Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta

Top Family Friendly Resort Destinations

You have to admit that as far as family friendly destinations go, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico is one of the very best in the world. This is because it has something which will please people of all ages and persuasions. You’ll find some amazing attractions and activities for family groups, couples, and friend groups. It’s one of those places that you can come back to again and again every year and still be surprised by some of the things you find there! This is why owning a timeshare in sunny Puerto Vallarta is such a good idea.

Top Family Friendly Resort Destination

When you’re looking at locations to invest in buying or renting a timeshare you should consider a few things. Firstly, is it the kind of location that’s going to be able to give you what you want and need? And secondly, are there cheap, direct flights to a and from it? You don’t want it to cost twice as much to get to your timeshare as it does to hire it, now, do you?

The great thing about Mexico in general, and Puerto Vallarta in particular, is that there are generally low cost, short flights available from most of the USA and Canada. It also has many great beaches to choose from, and the waters there range from the kind of big waves you need for surfing, to shallow, gentle seas perfect for swimming in!

Another great bonus that comes with a vacation in Puerto Vallarta is the huge amount of tours and activities that are on offer to you. It really is possible to keep the kids busy for days on end without too much trouble. For one thing there are plenty of free activities for those who stay in the Villa del Palmar Flamingos or Villa del Palmar Puerto Vallarta Resorts. These can include competitions, aerobics, yoga, and beach games. You can also take advantage of some of the best organized tours in the area.

Once you’ve made the most of all these great activities and sights at your timeshare resort, you can then take full advantage of the amazing restaurants that can be found all along the Malecon. The pedestrianized walkway has access to the best of the best when it comes to dining in Puerto Vallarta, and gets a great view of the sunsets.

Eiffel Tower at Paris

The World’s Most Romantic Destinations

If you are planning for a honeymoon trip or a romantic escape with your lover, you will sure like to be in a place where romance fills the air. There are many countries around the world that can be contenders for your romantic selection. Each has its unique way of showing you the art of loving. Your idea of romance might be a quiet evening on a calm palm tree beach, camping by the fire in the middle of a lowly forest or simply sweet talking under the full moon The choice is yours and we’re going to name some of these most romantic destinations.


The Tower Of Pisa, Italy.

If you like a place that literally emits so much passion and sweetness you are in danger of a romance overload, then Italy should be your preferred country for a romantic destination.

Rome was once the home of the gods, but today it can serve as a great vacation destination for two people deeply in love. Venice, with its unusual network of feasible canals will take you to romantic bliss with boat people singing love songs for you. Tuscany is where natural beauty comes to life. A little sip of its native wine can set one lustful night.

Florence and Pisa attract art lovers with an amazing display of ancient artistry. You can also go to Verona where your love story can go in search of Romeo and Juliet. Have the joy of watching stage play dramas and high octave operas.

And don’t forget to have some soft Italian ice cream while travelling around Italy. It will be a relief to the burning hot romanticism that this terrific place brings.


Eiffel Tower at Paris

France takes the word romantic to a different dimension. French are natural born lovers and the charm of the country attests to this.

Paris walkways are always filled with excited lovebirds. They crowd restaurants and bars to for some sweet bonding. The River Seine provides a wondrous panoramic backdrop to have that leisurely walk while the Eiffel Tower epitomizes France’s towering presence in the romance arena.

Try staying in some rented mansion in the Loire Valley and be amazed by its spectacular surroundings. Well-cared for vineyards, cherry plantations and vast fields are a feast for the eyes and loving souls as well.

Saint Tropez in the French Riviera offers plush restaurants with gourmet dishes. It’s the choice for those seeking the ultimate in chic romance as designer shops, modern cafes and luxury stores flourish in the area.

France never fails to impress. Enjoy a glass of red wine for a toast to its enchanting beauty.


Puerto Vallarta - sculpture

A tropical vacation under the life-giving sun is Mexico’s interpretation of a romantic vacation. While Acapulco once teemed with loving couples, the best romantic spots in Mexico are Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas and the Islands of Loreto.

Cancun, with its breathtaking Caribbean scenery and white sand beaches, is an idyllic part of Mexico for lovers looking for sunny playtime. Rich in ancient history, the Mayan ruins also make for a totally romantic daytrip.

For some jet setting action, don’t forget to visit Puerto Vallarta on the Pacific Coast. You can find some Hollywood celebrities here and rub elbows with them. Famous people like Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton once lived here. Its great architectural design of cobblestones and stunning facades catch the attention of the pleasure seekers looking to the best. Its sandy beaches with the presence of the golden sun continue to charm honeymooners and romantics from around the world.

Cabo San Lucas is another hot and sought after place. Its long, wide beaches and king like accommodations are hard to resist. One can find the best facilities here with five star resorts and hotels ready to serve you courteously.


kisimamy bay madagascar

The most breathtaking paradise islands are can be found in the Indian Ocean. Three famous places are the Seychelles Archipelago, Mauritius and Madagascar. Lovers and honeymooners will find themselves in a trance-like magic from the moment they get off the plane.

Rich forested areas make up the Seychelles Archipelago. Stunning vistas and picturesque islands are the highlights. Stone rock formations add spice to the countless photos you are sure to take here if you arrive on vacation.

Madagascar, the world’s fourth biggest island, is a home to some peculiar looking animals. This wild island is gifted with a variety of landscape. From rain forests, valleys to grasslands and hilly grounds.

Mauritius’s body of waters charms its visiting lovers. Its warm temperature and calm waters are ideal for amazing diving and snorkeling adventures. Put on that gear and get ready to dive, you’re going to explore the ocean with your loving dear.

Top Reasons for a Sunny Vacation to Mexico

Top Reasons for a Sunny Vacation to Mexico

Mexico is, and has long been, one of the most popular vacation spots for those who come from the USA and Canada especially now that the cost of flights are dropping. The sun, sea and sand of Mexico have their own allure, but did you know that they can also be beneficial to you? Well it’s true. A sunny vacation to Mexico can be good for your health and improve your life in general.

Top Reasons for a Sunny Vacation to Mexico

  1. A Sunny Vacation to Mexico Can Improve your health
  2. Vitamin D is responsible for the well being of your skin, hair, teeth, and mind. Not only does it facilitate the absorption of calcium in your body (therefore keeping your bones and teeth strong) but it aids the immune system, and can help you to lower your blood pressure. What does this have to do with taking a vacation to Mexico? Well, Vitamin D is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” because you can get your daily does simply by being in the sun. Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo san Lucas, and other top Mexican destinations are well known for their surplus of sunshine days (sometimes over 300 per year!) which means that you’re sure to get all the vitamin D you need! That’s right; a day by the pool can actually be good for your health!

    Top Reasons for a Sunny Vacation to Mexico

  3. Your skin will thank you for a Sunny Vacation to Mexico!
  4. The warm, humid climate of Mexican coastal cities and towns will give your skin a collagen boost which, even if you don’t need it yet, won’t do you any harm. A few days in the sun will plump out your skin and give you a healthy glow, so long as you avoid burning. A light tan will reduce the need for bronzer and blush, and the sun helps to clear up acne so you can do without foundation for a while too! Overall a sunny vacation is good for your skin; just be sure to top up your sunscreen.

  5. Travel to Mexico will make you happier
  6. The International Society for Quality of life studies claims that the anticipation of a yearly vacation is good for you. They say that “a relaxing vacation… can also boost vacationers happiness levels for weeks and even months prior to fruition.” In simple terms this means that the expectation of a sunny vacation to Mexico can give you an endorphin boost, and the vacation itself will help you to unwind. A change of scenery can brush away the cobwebs, and help you to combat the onset and side-effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) by increasing serotonin levels in the body.

  7. Relaxation on you Sunny Vacation to Mexico
  8. The benefits of relaxation are endless, and when you’re vacationing you’re more likely to relax fully for a number of reasons. Firstly you’ll be far away from the stresses and troubles of everyday life; you won’t be checking emails, calling into work, or dealing with schools for a few weeks. You’re also more likely to be physically active on vacation, and exercise helps to work out stress and anxiety. The mix of sun, exercise and downtime will help you to relax, and when you’re relaxed you’re more likely to get a good nights sleep.