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018772008002 (My Next Vacations)

Who Keeps Calling from 018772008002 (My Next Vacations)

In case you’re wondering who My Next Vacations 018772008002 is, let’s start by saying that My Next Vacations 018772008002 is among the top affordable tourism and travel agencies known in Mexico. This company has an actual staff of call-center representatives to contact people by phone with discounts to favorite places people like to visit when vacationing in Mexico.

Calls from 018772008002

If you live in the US or Canada, you may receive an outbound call from one of My Next Vacations call center agents from this number: 018772008002. This is not a scam or fraudulent telemarketing company; this is a legitimate travel agency that is inquiring about your interests in vacationing in Mexico. The agents at with My Next Vacations 018772008002 can get the best deals for vacation packages in places like Cabo San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta and Cancun.

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The following information should give you some idea as to why My Next Vacations 018772008002 is worth exploring:


If you love the sun, you will love the beauty of the bright sun shining over Cancun all year long. The beaches are sure to catch your eye, and you are sure to enjoy exploring the Mayan ruins that are there. You can swim with the whale sharks and bask in the wonder of an exciting nightlife while staying here. My Next Vacations 018772008002 will help you find the best price for a luxury stay.

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas is considered Mexico’s favorite for family fun and romance. Families are sure to love the El Arco rock formation found at Land’s End. You can also golf, whale watch, go zip lining, do camel rides on the beach, and take glass-bottom cruises while in this popular spot. A variety of fine restaurants and bars for the adults also await you on this exciting vacation. Make sure you reserve your stay by calling My Next Vacations 018772008002.

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a nice, sunny beach town just waiting to be explored. It is located on the Pacific Coast on Banderas Bay. Canadians, Europeans and Americans love this town, which is known for being the most hospitable town in Mexico. You also get to explore the mountains, waterfalls, various golf courses, beaches, tours (one of which is a pirate ship), ATV riding and canopy fun. When you use My Next Vacations 018772008002, you are sure to get the best deal for visiting this exciting town.

Make sure to get in touch with My Next Vacations on 018772008002 when you are ready to schedule your next get-away. You can’t afford to pass up the awesome deals that await you when you contact My Next Vacations 018772008002.

Cabo San Lucas Desert Park

Top Parks in Cabo San Lucas

Though most people who stay in Cabo San Lucas are attracted to the restaurants, nightlife, and water sports available in the area there are some who enjoy the parks and green spaces much more. The Baja California peninsula is filled with nature reserves, both land and marine, which are open to tourists and locals who want to spend time in the great outdoors. They are open most days and are generally free to get into.

Top Parks in Cabo San Lucas:


Botanists who love desert plants and scenery should put the Wirikuta Botanical Park at the very top of their to-do lists. Here in Puerto Los Cabos, you will find over 1500 species, 1,000,000 plants (seriously), and a labyrinthine display of over 1,000 bonsai. There are also 3 huge granite pyramids, built from massive boulders, which make for spectacular photo opportunities. Even if you don’t know anything about desert plants you’ll have a great time here; there are plenty of chances to learn about desert plant species here!


Those who want a respite from the sun while they explore the restaurants, museums and shops of Cabos downtown area can drop into the town square. This lovely little park is hemmed in by large trees, and provides a lovely shady area to have a picnic, or just a quiet sit down, in the heat of the afternoon.


Bird watchers of all ages and experience will love the San Jose Bird Sanctuary not just for the many exotic bird species, including heron and pelicans, that can be seen here, but also for the activities on offer. You can take walking tours, or even see the wildlife from a kayak. All the information you could need is found in the visitor centre.


Within San Jose, just a short distance from Cabo San Lucas central, is the Cabo Pulmo National Park which is home to a huge variety and number of marine life as well as gorgeous coral reefs. Snorkelling and diving enthusiasts will greatly enjoy a visit to the Cabo Pulmo National park.


The Desert Park Natural Reserve is a rugged, impressive piece of land that benefits from breath-taking sea views, stunning mountainous expanses, and vast areas of desert which make for great hiking. Though you can enjoy the park on your own it’s well worth paying for a guided tour. Tours cost around $50-75 and can last up to 3 hours.

Cabo San Lucas Timeshare

Timeshare in Cabo

Ah, Cabo San Lucas! Home to beautiful beaches-perfect for vacations. But, when you’re done being a mere seasonal tourist, try owning your own little piece of paradise. Timeshares are available in Cabo right now, and they’re practically a steal! New to Cabo? Check out the reasons why you should go (and stay):

Dream Vacations at your Timeshare in Cabo

Everyone loves a nice beach getaway. Escape the hustle and bustle and arrive to Cabo. Sit back, relax, and kick up those flip flops on one of many beaches. Now you might be thinking, “I can’t afford that”, and I don’t blame you! When you hear paradise vacation destination you think “cha-ching”. Thing is, timeshare in Cabo is actually quite affordable, while still being luxurious. If you’re coming from The United States or Canada, Cabo San Lucas will be very kind to your wallet. Now this does not in any way detract from the luxury factor! In fact, Cabo is so gosh darn fancy and desirable that celebs from Hollywood frequent all the time.

Heavenly Beaches

Cabo really is paradise. Just picture it: soft, warm, yellow-y sands. A cold drink in your hand. Cliffside views and luxury complexes and resorts. Listen to those waves, hear the cawing of birds overhead, feel the sand between your toes. Now isn’t that a place where you’d want to have a timeshare?

Cabo San Lucas Timeshare

Timeshare in Cabo – A Practical Choice

Now let’s bring you back down to earth – Cabo San Lucas is also a practical choice for a timeshare location. It really is popular, and the popularity is ever-rising. The facts and figures don’t lie, so hop on this bandwagon-you won’t regret it. Flights are regular from most large cities in the USA and Canada and the cost of living the good life when you arrive is a lot lower than back home.

You’ll Never Be Bored with your Timeshare in Cabo

You really won’t. There is no shortage of things to do in Cabo – you can zip line for one. You can also take a safari (no, those aren’t just in Africa!). Doesn’t riding a camel on the beach sound awesome? You can find that here too. You can also golf, fish, and dine in style at this tropical and wonderful location. It’s not all man-made stuff either – try checking out some natural beauty like the El Arco rock formation (hey, it has to be pretty cool if it made it onto most of the postcards). You can also check out the creatures of the ocean at the Marina, or even swim with them in the wild.

Couples can have a romantic getaway. Families can bring the whole troop and find something for everyone to agree on. Friends and larger groups can have nights out on the town. In Cabo, anything goes.