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Stunning Lover Beach in Cabo San Lucas

What is the Best Day Out in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo san Lucas has long been a favourite of tourists to Mexico not just because of the climate and pristine beaches, but also because of the wide range of activities available in the area for the best day out. The Baja California area has some of the most varied and breathtaking scenery in Mexico. You can move from sea views to virgin desert and all the way to stunning mountainscapes in under an hour. Depending on whether you’re a thrill seeker or a nature lover you can make the most of Baja California when you’re in Cabo san Lucas.

What is the Best Day out in Cabo San Lucas?

Stunning Lover Beach in Cabo San Lucas

Canopy Zip Line

Zip-lining is undoubtedly the quickest way to see a vast amount of scenery in Cabo San Lucas; you’ll be strapped to a taut wire and be sent whizzing over canyons, rivers and the mountain canopy when you sign up to this activity! Though it can be scary, especially if you don’t like heights, it is entirely safe so be brave! Alternatively you could take a camel safari. This is undoubtedly the best way to get close to the local flora and fauna found in the deserts of the area, and it’s certainly an unusual way to see the area.

Whale Watching

Those more interested in nature than the landscape will want to be in Cabo San Lucas between November and March because this is when you can find humpback whales and even orca! Whale watching is one of the most popular activities at this time year, and there are plenty of coordinators who will be willing to take you out. Getting up close and personal with these marine giants is one of the most unique and special activities on offer.

Beaches and Relaxation

When you’ve seen and done all there is to see, which will take a while, be sure to take time to relax on the wonderful beaches of Cabo san Lucas as they provide the chance to have some of the best days of your vacation. Many of the busier beaches are close to the bars and restaurants of the town, too, so you don’t need to worry about packing sandwiches or a picnic.

Visit a Park or Two

From botanical parks, to marine parks to desert parks, there are many different ways to spend your best day out in Cabo San Lucas surrounded by nature.

Top Reasons for a Sunny Vacation to Mexico

Top Reasons for a Sunny Vacation to Mexico

Mexico is, and has long been, one of the most popular vacation spots for those who come from the USA and Canada especially now that the cost of flights are dropping. The sun, sea and sand of Mexico have their own allure, but did you know that they can also be beneficial to you? Well it’s true. A sunny vacation to Mexico can be good for your health and improve your life in general.

Top Reasons for a Sunny Vacation to Mexico

  1. A Sunny Vacation to Mexico Can Improve your health
  2. Vitamin D is responsible for the well being of your skin, hair, teeth, and mind. Not only does it facilitate the absorption of calcium in your body (therefore keeping your bones and teeth strong) but it aids the immune system, and can help you to lower your blood pressure. What does this have to do with taking a vacation to Mexico? Well, Vitamin D is known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” because you can get your daily does simply by being in the sun. Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Cabo san Lucas, and other top Mexican destinations are well known for their surplus of sunshine days (sometimes over 300 per year!) which means that you’re sure to get all the vitamin D you need! That’s right; a day by the pool can actually be good for your health!

    Top Reasons for a Sunny Vacation to Mexico

  3. Your skin will thank you for a Sunny Vacation to Mexico!
  4. The warm, humid climate of Mexican coastal cities and towns will give your skin a collagen boost which, even if you don’t need it yet, won’t do you any harm. A few days in the sun will plump out your skin and give you a healthy glow, so long as you avoid burning. A light tan will reduce the need for bronzer and blush, and the sun helps to clear up acne so you can do without foundation for a while too! Overall a sunny vacation is good for your skin; just be sure to top up your sunscreen.

  5. Travel to Mexico will make you happier
  6. The International Society for Quality of life studies claims that the anticipation of a yearly vacation is good for you. They say that “a relaxing vacation… can also boost vacationers happiness levels for weeks and even months prior to fruition.” In simple terms this means that the expectation of a sunny vacation to Mexico can give you an endorphin boost, and the vacation itself will help you to unwind. A change of scenery can brush away the cobwebs, and help you to combat the onset and side-effects of SAD (seasonal affective disorder) by increasing serotonin levels in the body.

  7. Relaxation on you Sunny Vacation to Mexico
  8. The benefits of relaxation are endless, and when you’re vacationing you’re more likely to relax fully for a number of reasons. Firstly you’ll be far away from the stresses and troubles of everyday life; you won’t be checking emails, calling into work, or dealing with schools for a few weeks. You’re also more likely to be physically active on vacation, and exercise helps to work out stress and anxiety. The mix of sun, exercise and downtime will help you to relax, and when you’re relaxed you’re more likely to get a good nights sleep.

What to Pack for a Vacation in Mexico

What to Pack for a Vacation in Mexico?

When going to a tropical paradise like Mexico, the list of things that you will like to bring with you seem endless. You want to enjoy your vacation without lacking in the things that you need. Whatever your plans are, there are things that should always be on your list when you pack for a vacation in Mexico to ensure a truly great Mexican experience. These are some of them:

Swimsuit and beach clothes

Mexico’s vacation destinations like Cabo, Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are sunshine cities. Relaxing on the beach and engaging in some fun-filled water activities are normal vacation experiences. So be dressed correctly for these experiences by bringing your favorite swimsuit, beach wear and sandals. You might also consider bringing a light sweater for cooler evenings in December and January, but even when it’s winter in Mexico, you will be dressing for summer.

Your favorite lotions and sun creams

Lotions and sun protection creams are essential in sun filled Mexico. You do not want to get sunburnt due to heavy exposure, so be sure to bring your favorite sun block creams with you. You will find most major brands of sun protection in Mexico, but specialized creams may be harder to find and you will probably pay a higher price than usual.

Cameras, Smart Phones and Tablets

On vacation in Mexico you will always see people clicking their cameras. With its panoramic landscapes and beautiful sceneries, everyone wants to have a memory of it. Make sure to have some souvenir photos that will remind you of your great vacation in Mexico. Nowadays, camera phones are a great compromise if you want to save space on bringing a camera too.


Bring any medicines that you might need. Medication for simple colds, cough, fever and even flu are a good idea, although you will find that drugstores in Mexico can provide all of those kinds of treatments. Adjusting to a change of climate, especially during the winter months can bring on those common ailments. More importantly, bring any specialized medicines like for asthma, arthritis and diabetes and make sure you have enough for your whole vacation in Mexico.

Special clothes for some special adventures or Chic nights out

Depending on the kinds of activities you wish to enjoy on your vacation in Mexico, bring the right clothes for the occasion. Most beach destination in Mexico will offer plenty of options for adventure, so be sure to bring pants or jeans just in case. Likewise, there will be chance for you to get dressed up for a sophisticated night out, so be sure to pack for elegance too.