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Happy Beach Rentals in Mexico

Happy Beach Rentals in Mexico

Beach rentals in Mexico are becoming popular in top tourist destinations such as Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit, Riviera Maya, Cancun, Los Cabos and Loreto. Beach rentals in Mexico give a unique kind of experience, different from the usual hotel accommodation. There are lots of advantages, perks and benefits; foremost perhaps is the opportunity of being close to one of nature’s astounding beauty: the sea. Being a first timer with beach rentals in Mexico, there are things you should keep in mind to make it a happy and fulfilling experience.

Beach Rentals in Mexico – Size

Firstly, to find the perfect beach home for you, you need to consider your specific requirements. Finding the best beach rental has got to do with the size of the unit. Make sure it’s right for the number of people you are traveling with. Beach rentals in Mexico are not just for large groups of people; in fact, there are smaller units for single travelers or couples too.

Check out the reviews of Beach rentals in Mexico

Start by asking those people who have been to the place where you’re planning to head to. Ask them for ideas about the best places to stay or read the reviews found about the properties you are thinking of renting. Through this valuable information, you can narrow down your search and learn important points on what to expect about a certain rental you might be eyeing up.

Here some Mexico Beach Rental Tips


Nowadays, the easiest way to find beach rentals in Mexico is by doing your search through the internet. Online agencies can become a great source of information that might interest you when choosing beach rentals in Mexico. If you don’t have the time to search on your own, go to a reputable agency to help you find the right place for your needs.

Rental agreements

When you decide on your beach rental, study the rental agreement that goes with it carefully. Analyse all the terms first before booking and letting go of your hard earned money. Make sure you understand everything in the contract, and are aware of all the dos and don’ts.

Check what’s provided

Make sure you know what amenities are offered and the different facilities that the beach rental is advertising, and check that these are listed in your contract. Be prepared with the things you need and don’t assume that your rented vacation home has everything. Always double check.

Take care of your beach rentals in Mexico

Do treat with kindness and care all the home-wares and amenities that you’ll find in your beach rentals. Remember these things are not yours and other people will still need to use them when you have left. Damages caused by carelessness can mean charges against you and surely you don’t want to pay for accidental breakages.

Share your experiences

When the time comes and your rental agreement has ended, leave feedback about your experiences. If the vacation home gave you long lasting memories worth keeping, then thank the owners for the wonderful accommodation. If there are less desirable things, inform them as well so they can make necessary repairs and adjustments.

If you have any more tips about how to make your experience of beach rentals in Mexico a happy and fulfilling one, leave us a comment.

Beach Rentals and your Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Beach Rentals and your Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Beach rentals are a great way to enjoy your vacation in Puerto Vallarta. You will be very surprised at the superb selection of beach rentals in Puerto Vallarta for virtually all kinds of budgets and tastes. You can find quaint Mexican colonial studios, lavish penthouses, modern condos and grand Villas all available for rent in Puerto Vallarta. All you need to do is decide on a budget.

The Best Zones for Beach Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

The best areas in Puerto Vallarta will depend on the kind of vacation you are looking for and how long you wish to stay. For longer beach rentals in Puerto Vallarta, the Old Town or the South Beach area will probably be a great place to start looking for a cheap long-term beach rental, while for shorter beach rentals, the hotel zone or the center will find you some great deals. The best areas for large villas (albeit pricey) are on the south road out of Puerto Vallarta in Conchas Chinas heading towards Garza Blanca beach and Mismaloya or much further north past Nuevo Vallarta and Bucerias in Punta Mita.

Beach Rentals and your Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Types of Beach Rentals in Puerto Vallarta

You can find all types of beach rentals in Puerto Vallarta. There are plenty of cheap timeshare rentals at top resorts all along the hotel zone and in Nuevo Vallarta, or privately rented condos and studios Downtown or along the south road. You can rent for short stays like a weekend or week and even rent for longer periods like a few months or even a year. Many people from Canada and the United States spend the winters in Puerto Vallarta and return each year.

How Safe is it to Rent in Puerto Vallarta

In terms of your personal safety, if you are renting a beach property in Puerto Vallarta, there are no real dangers, especially if your property has 24 hour security, which most beach condos and timeshare resorts will have. As for payments, if you are booking from the States or Canada before your arrival, use a credit card for extra protection and choose a reputable rental agent to work with.

Beach rentals are certainly a great way to enjoy a superb vacation in Puerto Vallarta, especially as you can choose the exact type of accommodation you are looking for. Take your time to shop around and find the perfect beach rental for you vacations.